KemPress® Copper Fittings

Universal Fittings Range

An extensive range of KemPress® fittings are available for both Water and Gas applications. To view the complete fittings range and applications please refer to the KemPress® Design & Installation Guide below.

Inside each fitting is a sealing element called an Elastomeric O-ring. A black O-ring indicates the fitting is for Water applications, and a yellow O-ring indicates the fitting is for Gas applications. They are not interchangeable for their different applications. See the O-ring Compatibility table for specific applications in the KemPress® Design & Installation Guide below. It is essential that the O-rings are not contaminated or damaged by foreign material such as copper swarf or sharp metal. Gas fittings are clearly marked on the fittings and also on the packaging with a distinctive Yellow colour and the word GAS.

Push and Stay Feature

The KemPress® fittings have been designed to provide a tight fit when pushed together to allow the rough in to be completed piror to pressing. This ensures you have the right design and tube placement and allows to you to make adjustments, if required, prior to pressing. This is especially beneficial for vertical installations and assists with ensuring you have the fitting fully engaged and the required insertion depth prior to pressing.

Press Profile

The KemPress® fittings are designed to deliver minimal deformation to the internal shape of the tube they are connecting to, reducing turbulence in the flow of the fluid. The connection provides a rigid coupling with excellent resistance to torsional forces. This is particularly beneficial when connecting mechanical threaded connections.

Press Process

The objective of the press process is to deliver a permanent connection while achieving the required pull out strength according to AS3688. The KemPress® process presses the lip of the fitting and then compresses the O-ring at the same time.

For more information on where you can purchase KemPress® fittings see the Where Can I Buy KemPress®? page or if you wish to be a Stockist please contact us on 1800 804 631 or use our online enquiry form.


KemPress Design & Installation Guide 

KemPress® Design & Installation Guide