KemPress® Tools

KemPress ToolsKemPress tools are the smartest, lowest weight and easiest to use tools on the market for the range of products and sizes they can service. They have been specifically designed and tested to work with Kembla Stainless tube and KemPress Copper and KemPress Stainless fittings with alternate jaws, adaptors and slings/collars used to alternate between use on copper and stainless fittings.

Kembla has available 3 tools: a small tool (KPS), a large tool (KPL/KPL2) and an extra large tool (KPXL). Each tool is able to press a certain size range with the KPL/KPL2 tools able to press the full range of DN15 - DN100 Copper fittings, and the KPXL tool able to press the full range of both DN15 - DN100 Copper fittings and 15mm - 108mm Stainless fittings. The jaws for KPL/KPL2 and KPXL can be interchanged between the two tools, however, the attachments for the KPL/KPL2 and KPXL cannot be used with the KPS tool.

  • KPS  DN15 - DN32 Copper / 15mm - 28mm Stainless
  • KPL/KPL2  DN15 - DN100 Copper / 15mm - 54mm Stainless
  • KPXL  DN15 - DN100 Copper / 15mm - 108mm Stainless