Why use KemPress® Stainless?

Fast and Easy to use
  • Considerably faster than traditional jointing methods
  • No need to drain water out of the system
  • No waiting for adhesives to set
Safe, Heat-free, Flame-free connections
  • No hot works permit required
  • Ideal for retrofit projects
High Quality 316L stainless steel tube
  • Low carbon (<0.03%) and a minimum 2.3% Molybdenum content ensures even higher corrosion resistance
  • Sizes 15 - 108mm
  • Compliant with AS 5200.053
  • Watermark Approval #23151
High Quality 316L stainless steel press fittings
  • Compliant with AS3688
  • 316L, material EN 1.4404 (press fittings)
  • 316Ti, material EN1.4571 (threaded parts)
  • 316, material EN 1.4408 (precision cast parts)
  • Watermark Approval #23087 (EPDM and FKM O-rings)
Push and Stay and Leak Path Features
  • Fitting is tight enough to complete the rough-in before securing placement by pressing for easier installation
  • Leak Path ensures efficient checking of joint integrity, joints will leaks if not pressed (Standard EPDM O-ring only)
High Quality, Lightweight KemPress tools
  • Same tools as used for the KemPress Copper system, simply change the jaws, adaptors and slings to suit the materials and press profile as required
  • Slim, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • One hand operation (KPS and KPL). Once the jaws are insterted the weight is balanced
  • Smart electronic controls
  • Longest intervals between servicing
  • KPXL 40,000 presses (15-108mm)
  • KPL 40,000 presses (15-54mm)
  • KPS 35,000 presses (15-28mm)
  • Loan tool provided while servicing
  • Two powerful Li-ion batteries included
  • Backed by MM Kembla's reputation for high quality products, service and customer care