KemPress® Stainless Fittings

KemPress Stainless fittings are manufactured and quality controlled to AS3688, with 316L (material EN1.4404) for parts made from tube, 316Ti (material EN1.4571) for threaded fittings and 316 (material EN1.4408) for precision cast fittings, all having Watermark approval #23087 for Standard (EPDM) and Industry (FKM) fittings.

All KemPress fittings are optimally designed to ensure the most effective joint formation, achieving or exceeding the hydraulic and structural requirements of standards and are fully supported by the MM Kembla warranty of up to 25 years. KemPress Stainless fittings up to and including 54mm have a leading lip, whereas, the 76.1mm and 108mm press fittings do not.

KemPress Stainless press-fit fittings are available with three different O-rings depending on the application. Each type of O-ring is made of a different material, black coloured EPDM for Standard fittings, red coloured FKM for Industry fittings and yellow coloured HNBR for Gas fittings. Please reference the KemPress® Stainless Design & Installation Guide to determine the most appropriate fitting type for each application.

KemPress Stainless Standard Fittings

Standard press fittings utilise a black EPDM (Ehtylene Propylene Diene Monomer O-ring). EPDM possesses excellent resistance to ozone, sunglight and weathering, ahs very good flexibility at low temperature and good chemical resistance. This O-ring is suitable for hot and cold potable water applications and some industrial applications.

KemPress Stainless Industry Fittings

Industry press fittings utilise a FKM (Fluorocarbon) O-Ring. FKM has excellent resistance for high termperatures up to 200°C, ozone, weather, oxygen, mineral oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. It is ideal for petroleum products, fuels including those blended with ethanol or methanol, diesel, biodiesel, mineral oils and greases, silicone oils and greases, high vacuum, strong acids, ozone, weather and very high temperatures.

KemPress Stainless Gas Fittings

Gas press fittings utilise a HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) O-ring sealing element. HNBR possesses superior mechanical properties and improved resistance to heat, ozone and chemicals. HNBR has been used for decades in automative and industrial applications. It is well suited to propane, butane and natural gas (methane). It is not suitable for drinking water.

 KemPress Stainless O-Ring Specifications


Choosing the right fitting

Refer to the KemPress Application Guide when choosing the right fitting for an application. If you require any further information or advice on suitability or selection please feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" page.