Certification & Testing

Kembla Stainless tube is 316L grade stainless steel (material EN 1.4404) complying with DIN EN 10088, fabricated accroding to DIN EN 10312 and DVGW - W 541 and is supplied as straight 6m lengths with outside diameters in the range 15mm - 108mm. It is compliant with AS5200.053 and has Watermark Approval #23151.

KemPress Stainless fittings are manufactured and quality controlled to AS3688, with 316L grade stainless steel (material EN1.4404) for parts made from tube, 316Ti (material EN1.4571) for threaded fittings and 316 (material 1.4408) for precision cast fittings. Watermark Approval #23087 for Standard (EPDM) and Industry (FKM) fittings.  

For further information and regarding Kembla Stainless Tube and KemPress Stainless fittings please refer to the KemPress® Stainless Design & Installation Guide